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From the inner ear to outer space, we’ve been involved in more areas of sound and vibration measurement than any other company in the world. This gives us a unique opportunity to share knowledge gained in one area with people who are solving problems in another field entirely.

This section highlights just a few of our dozens of case studies across many areas of expertise. We invite you to visit our Knowledge Centre, where you can get access to all of our case studies, white papers, and other in-depth articles and videos.

Ever-shortening design and development time frames of modern aerospace programs demand “right-first-time” engineering. Here are some stories that show how Brüel & Kjær systems help aerospace engineering companies reduce development time, ensure high-quality products, and reach their goals

Tescia airspace

SMAC laboratory: aeronautical and space tests that shake!

SMAC produces high tech custom parts for the protection of equipment used in harsh environments. Based in Toulon, and recognized worldwide by aeronautics and space manufacturers for its innovative elastomer solutions, SMAC has just equipped its test laboratory with two new shakers – a V8 shaker with a nominal force of 57,000 newtons and a V721 shaker with a force of 3,000 newtons.

Tescia airspace

Air France Optimizes Zephyr Test Bench With Tescia

With a workforce of more than 14,000 people, Air France Industries is one of the major players in engine MRO and services. Learn how Brüel & Kjær optimized the Zephyr test bench with Tescia.


DLR refines aircraft cabin noise

DLR is Germany’s national research center for aeronautics and space. Their Experimental Methods department set out to investigate noise transmission and propagation on the Airbus A320 family of aircraft.

Testing ramp noise and durability on Lockheed Martin’s F-35

Testing ramp noise and durability on Lockheed Martin’s F-35

Military ground crews face high noise exposure - especially on aircraft carriers - so to protect them, Lockheed Martin characterized the acoustics of different F-35 variants and tested their durability.


Exterior noise certification of the Airbus A330 MRTT

After Airbus modified the A330 to create the military version, they needed to update the aircraft’s noise certification so it could still use civilian airports, where noise restrictions apply.

Older Aerospace Cases:

B&K Aerospace Customers

Brüel & Kjær has long ties with the Aerospace industry. Here's an overview of our earlier customer cases.

Volkswagen end-of-line testing

Volkswagen end-of-line production testing

Volkswagen is using testing, not only to ensure high-quality power train components, but also to increase production line yield and reduce cost.

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Smartphone app improves vibration testing setup at Faurecia

Faurecia improves vibration testing setup 

Setting up for modal analysis is time consuming and can be a painstaking task. But with the Transducer Smart Setup app, automotive seating manufacturer, Faurecia, could drastically reduce the setup time and risk of human errors.

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Lan XI and BK Connect BATZBATZ, global supplier of solutions for the automotive sector

BATZ uses HBK equipment for testing according to its customers’ requirements.

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Brüel & Kjær supplies the aerospace and defence industries with tools that actively measure, monitor, analyse and report noise and vibration. These help improve stealth capabilities, soldier performance, and working in tough conditions.

No matter whether we are asked for off-the-shelf or dual-use applications, we provide the defence sector with products and solutions that comply with common industry standards, such as MIL-810, NATO STANAGs, and AS/EN9100.

Naturally, there are many stories we cannot share for security reasons. But here are a few we can.

Streamlining data handling in naval defenceStreamlining data handling in naval defence

France’s DCNS enjoys faster access to information, shorter testing periods, and intuitive interfaces – helping make better decisions and stealthier submarines

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Noise mapping of military vehicles for the Norwegian militaryNoise mapping of military vehicles for the Norwegian military 

How the Norwegian military learned to use their exercise areas to the full while maintaining good relationships with their civilian neighbours

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Underwater acoustic noise measurement of vesselsUnderwater acoustic noise measurement of vessels

The acoustic range at Heggernes in Norway measures the acoustic signature of NATO vessels – one of only a few facilities in the world capable of these studies. And Brüel & Kjær plays a key role

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Space applications demand high structural performance under extreme environments for the components in a structure, such as a satellites or landers, as well as for the complete structures themselves. From the violent shocks and stresses of launch to the extreme atmospheric and climatic changes of orbit, each component must be tested to ensure survivability and proper operation throughout its life cycle. After all, there is no easy way to repair or replace systems after launch.

Our sound and vibration solutions extend to include environmental testing so engineers can carry out simultaneous experiments on operational conditions such as shock, vibration and temperature. Here are some of our recent case studies.

Satellite qualification testing at INPESatellite qualification testing at INPE

For Brazil’s space research organization, INPE, safe tests with first-time data capture are vital when vibration testing precious satellites

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Ensuring satellite reliability with vibration testingEnsuring satellite reliability with vibration testing

RAL Space’s work on the James Webb Space Telescope required a new vibration test system, for which they chose our LDS range of shakers

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Sensors and airborne amplifiers help launch the VLS-1 rocketSensors and airborne amplifiers help launch the VLS-1 rocket

Our sensors and airborne amplifiers are being used to provide critical flight data for the rocket’s on-board telemetry

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Nasa x-57 maxwell from flyingNASA’s X-57 Maxwell

It’s not only cars that are going electric—airplanes are as well! And, to prove that aircraft can be electrically powered, NASA has developed the X-57 Maxwell

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Cross-platform features like smartphones, hands-free communication and telecoil devices push the envelope and make the world hungry for more innovations and conveniences. Here are just some of the ways Brüel & Kjær has helped make telephones, loudspeakers, headphones, hearing aids, televisions and many other devices safer, more reliable, and more competitive in the marketplace.

Helping Microsoft to perfect sound qualityHelping Microsoft to perfect sound quality

Sound quality holds the key to Microsoft’s vision of the future, and since their engineers always want the best equipment on hand, they built a series of anechoic chambers that includes the quietest place in the world – equipped with the very best kit

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Hearing loss at call centresHearing loss at call centres

Noise-induced hearing loss is the second most common occupational disease. For years it was believed that being a call-centre operator was a low-risk occupation. But more research is needed to verify this.

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Robot-controlled acoustic holography for hearing aid developmentRobot-controlled acoustic holography for hearing aid development

GN ReSound, a world leader in hearing aids, commissioned a special turnkey solution featuring robot-controlled measurements coupled with Statistically Optimized Near-field Acoustic Holography

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Noise from construction work in built-up areas always presents the challenge of avoiding annoyance to the many people who can be affected. Architectural acoustics – sounds coming from or into buildings and rooms – are also a vitally important area. For over 70 years, Brüel & Kjær has worked closely with construction companies and consultants to help keep building projects on schedule and keep the neighbours happy. Here are some typical projects.

Fine-tuning acoustic isolation in buildingsFine-tuning acoustic isolation in buildings

In response to new technological developments, Acciona Infrastructure needed to increase competences and offerings for building acoustics and sound insulation in buildings

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Hearing loss at call centresTSI, specialist engineering services

The technical complexity and regulations relating to noise and vibration of machinery and ships demand the latest technology.

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Train CetestCETEST, independent testing laboratory

Controlling noise and vibration in the railway sector is key for the well-being of residents and passengers alike.

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Sound level meter and omnisoundChovA solutions for sound insulation

New ChovACUSTIC systems leverage all the benefits of state-of-the-art sound level meters.

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Considering the diversity of our client base, it’s not always easy to put our projects into convenient categories. However, we do have a couple of recent case studies that we think you’ll enjoy

Giessen park with hbk productsNoise control

When it comes to environmental noise, Gießen Regional Council and HBK are listening very carefully

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Maximizing productivity with rapid noise mappingMaximizing productivity with rapid noise mapping

Gorenje wanted to increase their R&D efficiency with a faster acoustic characterization system. And they turned to us

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Underwater ship-noise characterizationUnderwater ship-noise characterization

JRC Tokki has become the first company in Japan with a large-scale underwater acoustic ranging capability thanks to a portable sound-intensity system using Brüel & Kjær equipment.

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Transportation vibration testing with a V9x shaker system at TÜV SÜDTransportation vibration testing with a V9x shaker system at TÜV SÜD

TÜV SÜD wanted to expand their range of shakers so they could conduct transportation testing of heavier objects, particularly sub-assemblies for cars and trains

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B&K-2250-Hero2Type 2250 platform equips you for any measurement task.

With a wide range of sound measurement tasks, VM Acoustics needed a sound measurement unit that could serve all their needs reliably.

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B&K-2250-Hero2The Novares Laboratory.

The Novares Group looks beyond the current crisis to a future with a V8900 HBT1220 shaker from HBK.

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