Order Analysis

Order analysis

Order analysis relates measurements to revolutions of a rotating part, improving knowledge about machinery such as aircraft and automotive engines, powertrains, pumps, compressors and electric motors.

In rotating and reciprocating machines, varying load conditions and imperfections in the moving parts cause vibrations and associated sounds. The vibrations are shaped by the structural properties of the moving and stationary parts of the machine.

Typical applications include rotating machinery analysis and processing vehicle or engine speed sweeps (run‐up/down) with respect to RPM or other time‐varying quantities. Fixed-bandwidth FFT order analysis is best suited for situations where sweep rates are relatively small or, for faster speed sweeps where the lower order numbers are of interest. Tracked order analysis is recommended for high-accuracy analyses of higher orders and fast-speed sweeps.

System suggestion

Order analysis system overview

Bk Connect Order Analysis provides tachometers, autotrackers, order analyzers and related post-processing functions, a wide range of display facilities and three additional trigger types – tacho, speed and speed interval – providing a complete diagnostic toolbox for everything from basic real-time order analysis with and without tracking to advanced order analysis with BK Connect.

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