Order Analysis Software

BK Connect® software for processing order analysis – relating noise and vibration signals to revolutions of rotating or reciprocating machine components

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This BK Connect option performs order analysis on sound and vibration signals, detecting sound and vibration patterns that are caused by inherent instabilities and imbalances in rotating or reciprocating machines. The software analyses raw time signals that have been recorded from transducers via data acquisition hardware and a PC computer. By relating the sound and vibration data to revolutions of moving parts, this software improves an engineer’s ability to separate noise sources from resonance behaviour. 


  • Investigating reciprocating and rotating machinery such as aircraft and automotive engines, powertrains and pumps
  • Vehicle noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) tests such as benchmarking
  • Separating rotational and structural vibration for noise source location in products such as turbines, washing machines and fans
  • Determining critical speeds and resonances during vehicle or engine speed sweeps (run‐up/down)
  • Performing signature analysis of machines such as compressors and electric motors

The software displays data in clear 2D and 3D graphs such as colour-contour or waterfall plots and Campbell diagrams, making it easy to discern consistent patterns, or orders. From these displays, you can extract individual order ‘slices’ that show the amplitude and/or phase of one order as it relates to another parameter such as RPM or time. Auto‐tracking can generate an RPM profile without a tachometer.


This software adds fixed-bandwidth, FFT‐based order analysis to Bk Connect data processing applications

  • Batch processing of multiple files
  • Automatic processing of time data recordings
  • Order analysis based on frequency domain spectra
  • Graphical order extraction tool
  • Tachometer dropout/spurious pulse correction
  • Tachometer repair: smoothing and pulse drop‐out, or multiple pulse correction
  • Autotracker gives tachometer pulse train synthesis from RPM and speed profiles


These capabilities can be extended with the addition of 


  • Graphical, drag-and-drop analysis process chain
    All BK Connect analyses use a graphical process-chain concept for setting up the post-recording analysis process. This includes individual elements for filtering, analysis, display and storage of results. each is individually configurable. Process chains can be exported to a file and emailed to allow others to repeat a defined, standardized process.
  • Automated processing
    To maximize productivity, BK Connect enables batch processing of sequenced or parallel analysis of multiple sets of imported data. Time data can also be automatically imported from a network drive, and you even have the option of automatic reporting.