Measurement Partner Suite

Measurement Partner Suite consists of a free data viewer and instrument maintenance part and of a number of subscribe-able analysis tools. Please see the details at Measurement Partner Suite.

Designed for B&K Type 2250/2270 Sound Level Meter Series.

What is new?

Brüel & Kjær recommends that you always use the most current software available.

What to do?

To Install the latest software package on your sound level meter, just open BZ-5503 Measurement Partner Suite and connect your instrument.

  1. Download and install the BZ-5503 Measurement Partner Suite.
  2. Read and follow the Installation Manual before installing BZ-5503.

Relevant software

If you need an earlier software version for your 2250/2270 (e.g. required by your type approving authority), then use BZ-5503 Measurement Partner Suite to download the relevant software package.

If you are using 7815 Noise Explorer, 7820/7821 Evaluator, 7825 Protector, or 7830/7831 Qualifier for post-processing, documenting and reporting your 2250/2270 measurements, then be sure to use the latest versions.