Vibration Measurement exciters

Brüel & Kjær Vibration Exciters are designed for vibration testing and deliver force ratings from 10n to 187n. These vibration exciters cover a a wide range of applications; from accelerometer calibration to mobility measurement, or experimental modal analysis on small articles. In all applications our vibration exciters go beyond the accuracy and precision required by industry standards and test houses.

  • 4809型


    小型激振器,可提供高达60 N(13.5 lbf)的正弦峰值力。适用于小物体的振动测试和实验模态分析。

  • 4810型


    紧凑轻型电动力式激振器,额定推力达10 N(2.25 lbf)。4810型适于微小物体的振动测试,使用小推力的实验模态分析以及机械阻抗和导纳测量。

  • Type 4808


    紧凑型激振器,额定推力达187 N(42 lbf),适用于针对较重负载的持续高g力测试,还用于加速度计校准和机械导纳测量。