Upgrade for 2238 Mediator

Download this file to update your Mediator to the latest version. This upgrade is free of charge and only gives you access to the 2238 Meditator functionality you have already purchased. Contact your local Brüel & Kjær if you want to enhance the capabilities of your Type 2238.


NOTE: No change has been made to the calculation of any parameters. 

General changes (all software packages) 

  • Improved keyboard response 
  • More robust start-up procedure

Changes to Basic SLM Software BZ 7126 (version 1.1.0) 

  • The minimum preset measurement time is now 1 (one) second

Changes to Enhanced SLM Software BZ 7125 (version 1.1.0) 

  • There are now two ways of back-erasing: you either select the number of seconds to back-erase (as you know it), or you can select to back-erase a fixed interval whenever the pause key is pressed 
  • Addition September 2003 (version 1.1.1): Pre-set measurement time down to 1 s (from 30 s)

Changes to Logging SLM Software BZ 7124 

  • A misleading "file not saved" (when data are already safely stored) message has been corrected  
  • Taktmaximal Mittelungspegel (LAFTm5) added to the overall measurement results
  • Support for marker controlled sound recording with Version 4.0 and later of Noise Explorer 7815, Evaluator 7820/21 and Protector 7825

Installation process:

  • Click on the hyperlink below, download the file and unzip to a folder of your choice using Winzip (just double-click the downloaded file).At a convenient time you can upgrade your 2238 Mediator using the following steps:
  • Supply 2238 Mediator with fresh batteries
  • Connect Mediator to your PC's serial port using cable AO1442 (supplied with Mediator)
  • Run the file SETUP.EXE from the location chosen when you unzipped the file
  • Follow the on-screen instructions. Note: Your first choice will be for language of instruction – English, German, French, Spanish or Italian

NOTE: This program requires a  32-bit version of windows. If you are running a 64-bit version (e.g. Windows 7, 8 or 10) and do not have access to a PC with a 32-bit version of windows, you will need to use a 32-bit Virtual Machine.

Important information:

The program will automatically detect what is installed on your Mediator. If a newer version of any software is available you will be given the chance to upgrade it. If your 2238 Mediator is fully up-to-date, you will not be asked if you want to upgrade it; in this case simply exit the program. The option of installing a new application is only relevant if you have purchased new application software for your Mediator. In this case you will have received the upgrade software as well as a license code separately.


File File Type Size Language Release Date
vp7767_122.zip .zip 744 kb 英语