Slip tables, head expanders and thermal barriers

Our range of shaker equipment feature LDS slip tables, head expanders, and thermal barriers, provide enhanced testing capabilities for our range of medium- and high-force shakers. Our low-pressure tables and hydrostatic-bearing tables can be supplied as a combo system - or as separate slip tables for mounting on your existing vibration system.

  • LDS LPT水平滑台


    振动测试系统由中等推力或大推力的电动力式振动台和一体式安装在单一基座上的的低压滑台组成。用于高达1500 kg(3307 lb)的有效负载的水平和三轴测试,如汽车组件。

  • LDS固定装置


    扩展台面和隔热板系列,用于扩大额定推力至少为9.8 kN(2205 lbf)的LDS振动台和组合式系统的测试能力。

  • LDS HBT水平滑台


    振动测试系统,由中等推力或大推力电动振动台和一体式安装在单一框架上的静压轴承滑台组成。用于高达12,000 kg(26,455 lb)的极大有效负载的水平和三轴测试,如卫星部件。