Slip tables, head expanders and thermal barriers

Our range of shaker equipment feature LDS slip tables, head expanders, and thermal barriers, provide enhanced testing capabilities for our range of medium- and high-force shakers. Our low-pressure tables and hydrostatic-bearing tables can be supplied as a combo system - or as separate slip tables for mounting on your existing vibration system.

  • LDS LPT Slip Tables

    Low-Pressure Slip Tables

    Low-pressure slip tables are designed for horizontal- and three-axis testing of payloads up to 1500 kg (3307 lb), such as automotive assemblies.

  • LDS Fixtures

    Head Expanders / Thermal Barriers

    Extend your testing capabilities with our head expanders and thermal barriers, designed for our electrodynamic shakers and LDS systems, providing force ratings of at least 9.8 kN (2205 lbf).

  • LDS HBT Slip Tables

    Hydrostatic-Bearing Slip Tables

    Hydrostatic-bearing slip tables are designed for horizontal and three-axis testing of very large payloads, up to 12,000 kg (26,455 lb), such as satellite components.