HBK Expert talk 5 - finding the right accelerometer

THE Right Accelerometer For Your Needs

Selecting the right accelerometer for your measurement project can be overwhelming. There are countless types accelerometers, providing different specifications for different measurement environments. But don't worry - this episode of Expert Talk will guide you through the jungle, and help you select the right accelerometer for your specific needs.


Our Product Manager Bin Liu and our Research Engineer Dmitri Tcherniak provide useful guidelines on how to select the product that exactly addresses your individual needs.

This edition of HBK Expert Talks provides practical examples plus the most important technical fundamentals needed to select the right accelerometer for your measurement. Our experts provide knowledge and insights based on years of experience, provided by numerous measurement projects within the industry.


  • What is the accelerometer’s frequency range, and the physics behind that defines it
  • The importance of accelerometer’s sensitivity, and how to choose the right one
  • Mass-loading, temperature range, and other parameters are briefly discussed