Vibration Measurement exciters

Brüel & Kjær Vibration Exciters are designed for vibration testing and deliver force ratings from 10n to 187n. These vibration exciters cover a a wide range of applications; from accelerometer calibration to mobility measurement, or experimental modal analysis on small articles. In all applications our vibration exciters go beyond the accuracy and precision required by industry standards and test houses.

  • Type 4809

    Portable Vibration Exciter 

    Portable Vibration Exciter (or shaker) capable of delivering peak sine forces up to 60 N (13.5 lbf). Type 4809 is the ideal solution for vibration testing small components, or in-field experimental modal analysis.

  • Type 4810


    A compact and lightweight electrodynamic exciter with force ratings of up to 10 N (2.25 lbf). Type 4810 is used for vibration testing of very small articles, for experimental modal analysis with low forces and for mechanical impedance and mobility measurements.

  • Type 4808

    Permanent Magnet Vibration Exciter

    A compact exciter with force ratings up to 187 N (42 lbf) used for long-duration, high g-force testing of relatively heavy loads as well as for accelerometer calibration and mechanical mobility measurements.