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Environmental Compliance Monitoring - Sentinel

Unattended noise, vibration, weather, dust and air quality monitoring online for compliance management.

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Continuously manage your real-time environmental impact in urban and industrial areas with a Sentinel (long term) or Sentinel On Demand (short term) subscription.

Use scenarios

  • Manage and report environmental compliance
  • Avoid regulatory penalties that impede operations
  • Gain approval of a planned change that impacts the community
  • Better interact with stakeholders

The fully managed services monitor noise to manage regulatory compliance and limit complaints; vibration to manage the risk of building damage or disruption to sensitive equipment; dust to reduce impact on surrounding communities and workers; and air quality to comply with standards. Weather is monitored to refine the management.

The complete solutions provide you with everything need to monitor 24/7 including instrumentation, installation, operation, data capture, records management, calibration and fault rectification. If you prefer, you can subscribe to the service utilizing your own compatible instruments.

Sentinel is applicable for construction, mining, ports, oil and gas companies, wind farms, waste management, industrial facilities, hospitals, municipalities, entertainment venues, consultants, etc.

How it works

One or more environmental noise or vibration monitoring terminals are located around a designated site. The system may also include weather stations, dust and air quality monitoring units. Measured data is communicated via an internet connection to the cloud, where it remains available for easy access and sharing.

If operations exceed set limits, the system issues real-time alerts that enable you to immediately act to mitigate impact.

The services’ secure, scalable architecture is monitored 24 hours a day by Brüel & Kjær’s operations centre to deliver the performance, reliability and accessibility you require.

Key benefits for industries such as construction, mining, ports, entertainment venues, hospitals, consultants and municipalities include:

  • Automatically create trusted compliance reports with the click of a button
  • Decrease complaints leading to investigations
  • Quickly make better informed decisions
  • Transparently share real-time and historical information online to develop community trust and improve relations
  • Reduce human/financial resources required for projects
  • Focus on core business with reliable monitoring providing peace of mind

Sentinel On Demand

The quick-response service simplifies short-term environmental noise monitoring projects (1-3 months). Additional benefits of Sentinel On Demand include:

  • Improved agility – respond quickly to potential monitoring projects
  • Optimized cost base – avoid investing in instrumentation that lies idle when unneeded
  • Increased opportunities – take on monitoring projects regardless of your instrumentation limitations

Control everything online including ordering, configuring, monitoring and reporting. Simply register and follow the below steps.

  1. Go to the Sentinel On Demand portal and define your monitoring program.
  2. Receive everything you need: noise monitoring terminals loaded with software, tripods, microphones, calibrator, cables, locks and smartphone app. (Alternatively, you can use your own compatible instruments.)
  3. Set up the equipment using the supplied smartphone app and begin monitoring.

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