Managing PULSE licenses - Questions and answers

To answer some of our most frequent questions about acquiring and managing PULSE Licenses, we've have created a short video and a list of questions and answers. For those looking to download, upgrade or renew their PULSE licenses, please log in and visit our license and delivery portal.

License and Delivery Portal

To get started with the license and delivery portal, please watch our short video tutorials:




Q. When do I have to UPGRADE my PULSE license?
A: Upgrading an existing software license is only necessary when you upgrade from a previous PULSE version to a new major version (for example, from version 20.X to version 21.X).

Q: Which licenses should I select from the "License & delivery portal"?
A: We recommend you select and save ALL licenses. Then you have licenses for all your applications on the current version of PULSE as well as for any previous version in case you need it.

Q: Where do I find the PULSE License Manager?
A: In PULSE LabShop you can open the License Manager through the Tools menu. In PULSE Reflex you can open the License Manager in the "Settings & Help" section after clicking on the main menu button.

Q: How do I find the login to "License & delivery portal" ?
A: You can find the login on the license authorization card delivered with the order. 

Q: How do I find the "License & delivery portal"?
A: Please log in and select what you need to do on this page: "License & delivery portal. If you do not have a profile on the site, please create a profile.

Q: How can I upgrade the license when the PC is not connected to Internet?
A: Please follow this procedure:

  • If your PC is not connected to the Internet, connect to the Internet from any PC and login to License & delivery portal.
  • Save the license to a portable data storage device and transfer the file to the PC running PULSE
  • Open License Manager again and Browse for the saved license file.
  • PULSE License Manager automatically stores the license file in the correct License folder.

An alternative is to e-mail the file and save it from there.

Q: How can I see if my licenses are permanent?
A: In PULSE License Manager, select Show, Available Licenses. If it shows “never” under expire, then you have permanent license. You can also use a text editor to open the license file and read whether it is permanent.

Q: What if I get errors although I have downloaded and installed the new license file?
A: Use the Browse function in License Manager to drag the old license file to the Archive folder

Q: Where can I find downloads of entire PULSE versions?
A: Log in to License & delivery portal and go to Downloads.


Q: How do I get started with license for new PULSE software installed on one PC?
A: The software package sent to you by Brüel & Kjær contains a USB stick with the PULSE software and a USB dongle. The USB stick contains your software license, which has been node-locked to the USB dongle by Brüel & Kjær prior to shipment. To be able to use PULSE you need to install the license on your PC and attach the USB dongle.

  1. Insert the USB key
  2. Insert the dongle (This is only necessary if the license is node‐locked to the dongle).
  3. Select the setup executable (From the BZ‐5217 drive, select Setup.exe)
  4. Select the software to install
  5. Read the summary then install software
  6. Follow the installation wizard (Reboot your PC when prompted).
  7. Close the installer
  8. Remember to safely remove the USB before ejecting.

Q: How do I install floating license on a server?
A: When you have purchased Brüel & Kjær software, your electronic license must be activated before you can use the software. Activation means that the licenses must be locked to the server hardware. Log in to the License & delivery portal to activate licenses. For installation of licenses, please see the License Fulfilment Guide (BE 1693).


Q: My license is still on a parallel-port dongle. How can I transfer it to a USB?
A: The parallel-port dongle is not supported for PULSE 12 and later versions. Please contact your local Brüel & Kjær representative to arrange for re-hosting from the parallel-port dongle to the USB dongle.

Q: Does the license allow me to use the software on multiple PCs?
A: If you want to use PULSE on multiple PCs, you must install the license on all PCs. Remember to attach the USB dongle. You can install the software on any number of PCs, but only run it on one PC at a time

Q: How can I use licenses from two PCs on one PC?
A: The same PC must have both license files and both USB dongles attached.

Q: What if I upgrade my PC?
A: If your license is node-locked to a USB dongle, it is not affected when you upgrade or replace any part of the PC.

Q: What if I need to move the license to another PC or I have got a new PC?
A: The other PC needs the license file: Copy the license file from the USB stick to the other PC. You can also choose to login to the License & delivery portal and download the license file (like for upgrading license). Continue to use the same USB dongle on the other PC.

Q: What if I get a new PC and I have the license locked to the PC?
A: Please contact your local Brüel & Kjær representative to arrange re-hosting of the license. If you have a PULSE Software Maintenance and Support Agreement this is free of charge.

Q: I received the new PULSE software and the USB dongle, but the license USB stick is lost. How do I get started?
A: Please log in log in to the License & delivery portal from where you can download your license file and PULSE installation software. 

Q: What if I have lost my USB dongle?
A: Please contact your local Brüel & Kjær representative. You will be asked to fill out a declaration to get a new USB dongle including re-hosting of licenses to the new dongle. If you have a PULSE Software Maintenance and Support Agreement this is free of charge.

Q: Can I work off-line with a floating license?
A: Yes, you can borrow a floating license from the server to work off-line.


Q: What is the License Authorisation Card?
A: The License Authorisation Card is included with the delivery of your new PULSE software. It contains the login to the "License & delivery portal", which you need for upgrade.

Q: What is a Host ID?
A: A Host ID (for example, BKID=4C8346B25) is a unique identifier that cannot be replicated. It is used to lock licenses to protect against unauthorised use. See previous explanation on how to find the Host ID.

Q: What exactly is “activating a license”?
A: You can install the PULSE software without a license. Before you can start using the installed software you must tie the license to a Host ID. This is to ACTIVATE the license. 

Q: How can I see which licenses I have access to?
A: Go to License Manager in PULSE LabShop. Click “Available Licenses” and a list will be displayed.

Q: What is license stacking?
A: If you have licenses that are node-locked to different dongles, you can connect more than one dongle to you PC to stack the licenses. For example, two dongles each with a two-channel license will, when both are connected, let you measure four channels. Similarly with modules, two dongles with one-module licenses will let you measure with two modules. With enough stacked licenses you will be able to use an unlimited number of modules or channels.