Data Analysis Software

Software di analisi dei dati

Una vasta gamma di software di analisi dei dati per acquisizione e registrazione dei dati, gestione e analisi, simulazione e software di post-elaborazione progettati per flussi di lavoro intuitivi in ​​numerose applicazioni.

BK Connect

BK Connect™ is Brüel & Kjær’s flagship sound and vibration analysis platform, bringing together a range of real‐time measurement and post‐processing tools in a user-focused frame work.

The BK Connect platform has been structured from the concept phase to be reliable, intuitive, configurable, integrated with other applications and open – compatible with all of the industry’s leading analysis systems. 

Modular and user role based

The modular and user role-centric structure offer unprecedented ability to tailor BK Connect to your workflow and testing requirements. The concept targets five key user roles: 

  • Test requester
  • Test manager – manages department resources
  • Specialist – defines new test procedures and troubleshooting
  • Test engineer – runs standardized tests, including predefined variants
  • Operator – trained to perform a set of specific tests 

Each user only needs the functionality according to their role, which reduces complexity for the user and cost overall.


Over 20 years of development and maturation of the PULSE LabShop software have resulted in a wide range of targeted applications. They cannot be replaced instantly. Therefore, where the PULSE LabShop functionality is not yet available, selected PULSE LabShop licenses have been embedded inside their corresponding BK Connect applications

Dedicated PULSE software and options will work smoothly with BK Connect.