Vibration Testing Equipment

Apparecchiature di test vibrazionale

La nostra gamma completa di apparecchiature per prove di vibrazione comprende shaker ed eccitatori LDS elettrodinamici, noti per accuratezza e affidabilità che coprono l'intero spettro di applicazioni di prova di vibrazione per analisi modali e strutturali.

Measurement chain VTS

Vibration Test System

All Vibration testing equipment from Brüel & Kjær can be perfectly combined to ensure the integrity and reliability of your products. From electrodynamic shakers and exciters, linear and digital switching amplifiers to vibration control software and hardware equipment, we provide vibration test equipment and vibration systems, tailored to your needs.

In 2008, Brüel & Kjær acquired LDS Test and Measurement, making us the market leader in vibration test solutions. Brüel & Kjær´s product range of transducers and data acquisition systems is perfectly complemented by the addition of the LDS product portfolio. Today, we provide a full system electrodynamic LDS shakers, vibration slip tables, fixtures, amplifiers and vibration controllers.