Legacy LabShop licenses embedded in BK Connect

BK Connect includes the PULSE LabShop licenses you need, to ensure that you have access to your measurement and post-processing capabilities during our transition to BK Connect

The purpose of the BK Connect platform is to reduce task complexity for specialists, engineers and operators and reduce the overall cost for your company – all without reducing your testing capability.

Make the transition to BK Connect at your own pace 

To ensure that your testing capabilities are maintained during our transition to the BK Connect platform, a Core PULSE LabShop Type 7700, 7770 or 7771 license has been embedded in your BK Connect Data Processing license.  Additional individual PULSE LabShop applications and calculation licenses that are required for tasks not currently natively available in BK Connect have been embedded within the relevant BK Connect licenses. This allows you to access the LabShop functionality with your BK Connect license.  

For LabShop users there will therefore be no immediate impact on the daily work as you can continue to use your PULSE LabShop templates and data. 

The same license policy holds for new customers meaning you also have access to the legacy LabShop platform. 

Please contact us to find out more.