TYPE 3629 + TYPE 5309

Primary Calibration System

An automatic calibration system providing primary calibration of transducers, applying laser interferometry according to ISO 16063-11 to obtain very high accuracy calibration.

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A primary level calibration system for calibration of vibration transducers. The system, Type 3629, is an easy-to-use, automatic calibration system that provides primary calibration of a wide range of transducers. The system applies laser interferometry according to ISO 16063-11 to obtain very high accuracy.

The hardware for the basic system with Primary Vibration Transducer Calibration Software Type 5309 consists of a PULSE™ front-end with three 200 kHz channels and a dual-sine generator, power amplifier, vibration exciter, conditioners and a laser interferometer with quadrature output mounted on an air spring vibration-isolated table to filter out floor vibration. PULSE software FFT & CPB Analysis Type 7770 and PULSE Time Data Recorder Type 7708 are used to handle the recording and calculation of the vibration signals. The system is intended for National Metrology Institutes and other high-level laboratories.


  • Fast and accurate primary calibration of magnitude and phase for vibration transducers according to ISO16063-11
  • Generation of complete certificates in Microsoft® Word according to ISO 17025
  • Handling of calibration data and inventory according to ISO 17025


  • Primary calibration using commercial laser interferometer and FFT analysis
  • Frequency range 0.1Hz to more than 50kHz, depending on the exciter and transducer
  • Automated system calibration.
  • Based on proven Brüel & Kjær’s PULSE analyzer platform technology
  • System test by synthesized signals
  • Common user interface with comparison system