Type 4810


A compact and lightweight electrodynamic exciter with force ratings of up to 10 N (2.25 lbf). Type 4810 is used for vibration testing of very small articles, for experimental modal analysis with low forces and for mechanical impedance and mobility measurements.

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Designed using permanent-magnet technology to deliver excitation, this palm-sized unit is suitable for a number of research and educational applications, including structural response testing and vibration transducer and accelerometer calibration.

This miniature exciter has a frequency range from DC – 18 kHz and maximum peak-to-peak displacement of 4 mm (0.16 in). It delivers optimal performance when driven by our 75 VA power amplifier and can impart sine forces up to 7 N (1.5 lbf) or 10 N (2.25 lbf), depending on the range at which it is operated.

To meet your exact needs, Type 4810 can be customized with a selection of accessories, including
trunnions, power amplifiers, nylon stingers, force transducers and impedance heads.


  • Accelerometer calibration
  • Vibration testing of small objects
  • Mechanical impedance and mobility measurements
  • Experimental modal analysis