Five Questions For Zhigang Chu

At 37, Zhigang Chu is not only a Chief Engineer of Technical Support Team with Brüel & Kjær China but also an Associate Professor at Chongqing University.

Zhigang Chu is passionate about Huaiyang cuisine, in particular braised carp, crab meatballs and crab yolk buns. Without hesitation, he cites December 9, 2009 – the day his now six-year-old son was born – as the best day of his life.

What attracted you to Brüel & Kjær?

I first got to know Brüel & Kjær when I was doing my Bachelor project at university. I used a really old-looking modal exciter for modal analysis. My supervisor asked me if I knew how old it was. It turned out that the exciter was five years older than myself – but it worked like a dream.

What drives you in your work?

Interest and the sense of accomplishment.

What are you passionate about?

Academic research, Mahjong, and playing cards (Dou Dizhu).

What irritates you most about your own personality?

Impulsiveness. People are welcome to say that I’m not good enough, but I will argue with anyone saying that Brüel & Kjær or Chongqing University is not good enough!

If you could have two superpowers, what would they be and why?

One – to understand all technologies and theories at a glance so that I could solve all technical challenges and wouldn’t need to study anymore. The second – to make my students and customers understand and accept whatever I tell them as soon as I tell them.