Type 3670-A USB Drivers, 3670-A Manuals and USB Audio Demo Tool

USB Driver for Type 3670-A 

Relevant drivers and installation manual plus a USB Audio Tool demo program, for allowing simple FFT analysis and signal generation with Type 3670-A. This is all that's required for installing USB Audio Tool on a MacOS ®.

Install USB Audio Tool Type 3670 (Microsoft Windows®):
Download the installation manual, audio driver setup wizard for the appropriate operating system and USB Audio Tool setup wizard, then follow the installation manual.

Code samples for using Type 3670 can be downloaded from GitHub:

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows® 7 or later or macOs
  • USB: USB 2.0 High-speed, Type A (F)
  • Drivers: Available for macOS (Native driver) and Windows®: Included with driver setup wizard.

3670 Installation and User Manual

Installation manual .pdf 676 kb Inglese 21 Dec 2018
User manual .pdf 3887 kb Inglese 09 Dec 2020

USB Audio Driver wizard

Windows 10 USB Audio Driver wizard 4.47.0 .exe 2240 kb 21 Dec 2018
Windows 10 USB Audio Driver wizard 4.11.0 .exe 1658 kb 03 May 2017
Windows 7/8 USB Audio Driver wizard 3.40.0 .exe 1425 kb 04 Apr 2017

USB Audio Tool setup wizard

USB Audio Tool setup wizard .exe 31024 kb 21 Dec 2018