B&K 2245-X

B&K 2245-X Sound Level Meter with Exhaust Noise Partner

Exhaust noise measurement solution for testing light vehicles and noise level enforcement with a streamlined workflow and toolset that minimizes the risk of error while still requiring minimal training.

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This B&K 2245 Sound Level Meter solution is a focused toolset for measuring exhaust noise. Rated IP55, this system is durable enough to be used in the shop or on the street. Whether you are performing stationary exhaust noise testing in a workshop or performing street-side spot checks for law enforcement, this task-focused solution is the ideal tool. Because of the lockable setup, wireless operation capabilities and intuitive interface, a single user can easily preform the measurement and be confident that the data measured will be valid and accurate, with minimal training.

B&K 2245 is type approved by PTB and CEM.

Mobile App

Downloading the Noise Partner app to your phone from the App Store® enables the measurement to be wirelessly controlled from a mobile device by a single person – from the driver’s seat of the vehicle or safely on the no-traffic side of the vehicle. Via the app interface, pictures, text and voice notes, and videos can be embedded with the measurements.

PC App

When the measurement is finished, the data can be transferred to a PC, wirelessly or with the supplied USB cable. Noise Partner PC software is preconfigured with the tools needed for storing, reviewing and reporting your data.


  • Stationary exhaust noise testing according to ISO 5130, SAE J1169, SAE J1492 or SAE J1287
  • Roadside exhaust noise regulation enforcement


  • Colour LCD with a bright, clean layout – most important information shown with a clear indication of measurement status with colour header
  • Single-person operation with the mobile app
  • Measurement status light ring visible from any angle
  • Built-in Li-Ion battery, typically providing more than 14 hours operation with Wi-Fi® enabled
  • 16 GB built-in storage for measurements and annotations
  • Integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® Low Energy for connection to mobile and PC apps.
  • Single, weatherproof USB-C connector for charging, data transfer to PC and more


To expand B&K 2245 capabilities for other tasks, you can add the following app licenses to your sound level meter:

  • Noise Partner – perform simple broadband and general-purpose sound pressure level measurements for regulations compliance, simple product testing or hearing loss risk mitigation
  • Enviro Noise Partner – evaluate environmental noise to ensure compliance with standards. The focused toolset ensures that you have all the tools needed for the job, including markers to isolate sounds (exclude superfluous noise or mark pertinent noise for further examination) and checklists to ensure the job is done correctly
  • Work Noise Partner – evaluate workplace noise to ensure compliance with standards and safeguard employee safety, including determining the need and level for hearing protection. The interface guides you through a full shift and requires minimal training to ensure valid and actionable data
  • Product Noise Partner – Determine sound power emissions, or measure sound pressure levels, according to international standards for regulatory compliance, benchmarking and labeling. Full workflow support simplifies your task and minimized the chance of errors