Pruebas de producción en línea en Volkswagen, Kassel

End-of-line production testing at Volkswagen, Kassel

Volkswagen is using testing, not only to ensure high-quality power train components, but also to increase production line yield and reduce cost.

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Customer quality expectations are ever increasing, so manufacturers must find a way to continuously improve quality while ensuring solutions that are cost effective for the company and the customer.


Continuously tightening the noise, vibration and customer acceptance requirements for their transmissions helps Volkswagen grow their market share. But in order to maintain profitability, the percentage of completed transmissions passing end-of-line testing must also continuously increase.


Brüel & Kjær’s DISCOM systems address both challenges. The specialized software and data acquisition hardware detect and pinpoint any issues and the analysis capabilities are well suited for establishing a control loop so that root causes and potential problems are identified earlier or even predicted and avoided entirely.


The use of DISCOM Analysis systems and consultation with the Brüel & Kjær DISCOM production testing team has enabled Volkswagen to eliminate root causes and catch other potential problems early in the process, minimizing cost, improving final assembly passing percentages and leading to higher quality

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