Tipo 8400-T-FY i BK Connect

Team server: gestione e condivisione sicure dei dati

Team Server consente di gestire, condividere e archiviare in sicurezza i dati acquisiti e i risultati elaborati per garantire che tutto il team abbia un facile accesso ai dati condivisi. 

Richiedi un preventivo

Team Server is a data sharing tool that allows teams to share data via the network – no database required. Data is stored in a network file repository (Team Folder) set up by a system administrator. Find data from the most recent latest data to old, half-forgotten project, data you’ve acquired or data acquired by others in your team.

Data is shared as files from the BK Connect® Project Browser to the Team Folder, either the original time data, or the processed results, or both.  Sharing works with the same user access rights that already exist in your organization, as when sharing files via Windows® Explorer on a shared drive. Each user decides what to share with other engineers, test managers or test requesters. 


  • Share test data securely amongst the entire team
  • Network-based file storage – no database required
  • Quickly and simply query data in large data stores and archives
  • Browse files and preview data without explicitly downloading or importing data – only download the data you need

Team Server makes legacy data instantly searchable, however old it is. Terabytes of old project data come back to life. It’s so quick to find data that it opens new possibilities for experimenting with different potential uses, satisfying curiosity instead of being left wondering or, still worse, being forced to go out and take new data.


  • Indexing system that enables quick search and retrieval of data
  • Connection to any BK Connect application
  • Easy installation with a streamlined installer that handles installation of all prerequisites, licence server and licence, as well as indexes all content in the assigned shared folder
  • Web-based utility to monitor folder and licence server status

Automatic indexing
Once data has been shared to the Team Folder, it is indexed automatically. The system reads the files, extracts relevant user-defined metadata and application-related data attributes and turns them into searchable results.

Collaboration and problem solving
Whoever has read/write access to the Team Folder can search for data within BK Connect based on any data attribute – most importantly user-defined metadata.

Once the data is found, it can be imported into the local project for further processing, data comparison or reporting. This opens the door to new ways of collaborating and solving problems more efficiently than before.