Underwater acoustic ranging

Acoustic detection and identification techniques continuously become more advanced and sophisticated. As they evolve, so must acoustic stealth strategies.

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To maintain acoustic discretion, all of a vessel’s noise sources must be considered, including personnel, on-board equipment and cavitation, as well as the radiated noise signature of the vessel as a whole.

Static and dynamic acoustic ranging determines the underwater-radiated noise from a submarine or surface vessel, measured over an extended frequency range. Acoustic ranging covers the full operational envelope of the vessel, including the identification of the different sources that contribute to the ship’s acoustic signature.

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Underwater acoustic ranging system overview

The Brüel & Kjær Underwater Acoustic Ranging System (UARS) is an integrated solution for both static and dynamic ranging. Systems can be configured for specific needs, covering the complete measurement chain from sensor (hydrophone) to analysis (PULSE). A typical system could be a PULSE-based Remote Acquisition and Analysis Station – the main workstation running the UARS software – combined with hydrophones and LAN-XI data acquisition hardware. The number of data acquisition units and hydrophones depends upon specific requirements.