Flight certification

As global air travel grows, so does the concern for noise around airports. This leads to increasingly strict legislation of exterior noise.

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Exterior noise is, therefore, a key priority for the aerospace industry and aircraft noise certification tests are required in order to establish certified aircraft Effective Perceived Noise Levels (EPNL) at each of the Approach, Flyover and Sideline certification flight conditions – in accordance with ICAO Annex 16, FAR 36 and IEC 61265 aircraft-noise certification standards.

The Brüel & Kjær Aircraft Noise Certification Test (ANCT) System accurately performs all measurement tasks needed for aircraft noise certification testing, and is based on our standard, commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) products that cover the entire measurement chain.

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Flight certification system overview

PULSE hardware and software solutions from Brüel & Kjær have been approved for use by aircraft manufacturers in aircraft noise certification according to international standards. The PULSE-based ANCT system is a dedicated solution integrating and optimizing the different inherent features of our COTS products. These products encompass the whole measurement chain and provide you with a complete workflow-driven solution supporting all phases of the noise certification process.