Ramp noise testing

Ramp noise is a standardized acoustic on-ground measurement, detailing the noise print on a parked aircraft.

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Ramp noise testing evaluates and reduces the noise exposure of maintenance personnel and passengers boarding and disembarking the aircraft. The primary noise sources arise from Auxiliary Power Units (APUs), air cycle machines (packs) and brake fans.

System suggestion

Ramp noise testing system overview

For ramp noise measurements, the data acquisition system has to reach all around the airplane. A PULSE LAN-XI data-acquisition system provides data recording of hundreds of channels, and can be distributed throughout – or around – an aircraft and connected together with single LAN cables for synchronized results.

Together with real-time monitoring of test data, the system provides the capability of displaying a noise map showing noise levels around the aircraft, and sharing data throughout the test facility for post-analysis.

PULSE hardware and software solutions are approved for use by aircraft manufacturers in aircraft noise certification according to international standards.