Durability And Fatigue Testing

Durability testing

Durability and fatigue testing help manufacturers to evaluate how well their products and components hold up to typical use.

Subjecting components, assemblies and finished products to vibration that mimics real conditions is essential for assessing if products are fit for purpose throughout their service life. When conducting durability testing, products are either tested to meet certain standards, often defined by OEMs and top-tier suppliers, or they are shaken to destruction.

Durability testing is often repetitive, so it needs to be easy to set up, conduct and sign off. The ability to store test profiles via the controller software, and to reuse them repeatedly, supports simple test execution.

System suggestion

Durability testing system overview

For durability testing, a common system configuration is based on a medium-force air-cooled shaker that can be used in either a vertical or a horizontal configuration, for example, a V875-440 combo. This is a versatile shaker for payloads up to 600 kg (1323 lb), including automotive and aerospace assemblies and subassemblies. The shaker in this system can be replaced to accommodate different size payloads.