The Next Generation of Vibration Testing: HBK LDS V9940 Shaker System

Specially designed for EV Battery Testing, the V9940 delivers high shock performance for large payloads.

Designed specifically for Climatic Chamber integration, this Shaker is available as a turnkey solution with global project support and an unrivalled service offering.

Shaker testing condenses a lifetime of road abuse into just a few days. Vibration testing is a highly effective and time-efficient way to replicate the abuse a battery pack will experience in the real world.

In fact, it provides a reliable way to predict the failure modes of electrical equipment or components.

Find out why the new V9940 shaker platform is our most demanding EV battery test platform to date, in this free webinar with Product Manager, Tim Gardiner.

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28 Sep 2022 16:00
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26 Sep 2022
1 Hour

Tim Gardiner