Inddor pas-by test with car

Indoor Solution to an Outdoor Problem

Test and measurement specialist HBK has created a tool to help automotive manufacturers ensure their vehicles comply with strict, pass-by noise regulations - BK Connect Indoor Pass-by.

Although pass-by noise tests have typically been performed outdoors, an indoor method is now also accepted for type approval, as it provides a more stable environment for development testing and noise source identification. 

HBK’s BK Connect Indoor Pass-by software has been created in line with legal standards, so it covers the full spectrum of pass-by testing, making it ideal for automotive testing needs; from simple conformance assessments to noise source contribution analysis. 

The indoor pass-by measurement software includes automatic measurement plans, a pre-defined test setup, which can be uploaded ahead of time to focus on test operation, plus the ability to define source and indicator microphones for Source Path Contribution (SPC) analysis. Test data is accessible on the BK Connect Team Server for inspection, comparison and reporting, using a Pass-by Data Viewer.


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