Type 4448 User Manual and Drivers

Type 4448 User Manual and Drivers

Drivers for AO-1492 Infrared to USB cable

This ZIP-file contains the latest drivers for the Type 4448 data transfer infrared to USB cable (AO-1492). The driver works with all versions of Windows®. Normally, Windows should automatically install the drivers when you plug-in the infrared to USB cable.

In the rare case that the driver installation fails:

  1. Click on the hyperlink below, to download the file and unzip its contents to a folder of your choice using WinZip (just double-click the downloaded file).
  2. Plug-in the USB cable.
  3. Windows® will attempt to install the driver. If it cannot find the driver it will ask you to point to the driver.
  4. Select this option and browse to the location where you unpacked the driver files.
  5. Windows® should then progress with the installation using these files.

NOTE: Windows® may attempt driver installation again every time you plug the cable into another USB port of your computer for the first time.


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User Manual for Type 4448 .pdf 6432 kb Inglese 22 Feb 2012
Field Guide for Type 4448 .pdf 1766 kb Inglese 22 Feb 2012