Vibration Control Software v. 9.0

Upgrade to Vibration Control Software v. 9.0 for 64-bit operating systems. Vibration Control Software v. 9.0 supports the LASERUSB and COMETUSB hardware.

After downloading the Zip file you can either use this file to create an installation DVD/CD or use the WinZip program to extract the application that you are interested in.

Please note that the Vibration Control Software v. 9.0 requires a new license key. Contact your local Brüel & Kjær representative to purchase a software update, TCS-301 or TCS-302.

V. 9.0

Contains the installation package for all the Vibration Control Software applications.

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Read me

A short description of the v. 9.0 release as well as information about supported operating systems, PC requirements and more.
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