Service Pack Contract

Service Pack Contract

The Service Pack Contract allows you to benefit from a set of services, tailor-made to your needs and with a very wide range of service offerings.

Brüel & Kjær Service Pack Contract includes a set of services, standard and tailor-made, for Brüel & Kjær to perform. All within perfectly established conditions. Our services are flexible to your wishes, offering an annual or multi-year duration - in the 5-year renewable limit.

Our service offerings include the following options:

  • Accredited calibration, or traceable in the laboratory
  • Metrological verification on site
  • Telephone support and technical assistance Software update
  • Hardware and software rental
  • Corrective maintenance
  • On-site maintenance and repair of vibration testing equipment 
  • Reservation and provision of spare parts Installation and configuration of systems
  • Return to service after passing equipment through the laboratory
  • Training On-site assistance
  • Provision of replacement equipment during interventions
  • Specific tailor-made services
  • Total control and flexibility, VIP access, simplified management ... with the Service Pack contract your loyalty is rewarded: 4% customer advantage per year of engagement
  • Management fees offered for contracts over € 2,000
  • Preferential price for any replacement of equipment covered by the contract or for any other purchase of a Brüel & Kjaer product
  • Preferential prices on spare parts and on-site interventions
  • Fixed prices throughout the duration of the contract
  • Minor overhaul costs for instruments offered as part of a metrological service in the laboratory
  • Coverage of transport costs

Download the Service Pack brochure, or contact your local Brüel & Kjær representative for more information.