Noise Monitoring

Keeping the Peace

Permanent, 24 hour a day, 365 days a year, noise monitoring enables adherence to noise limits and includes a wide range of additional benefits. Permanent noise monitoring is used by an ever-growing variety of organisations.

Additionally, it's now possible to include monitoring of vibration, dust and air quality as well as real-time monitoring.


For many major airports, permanent noise level monitoring is a key issue in the daily running of the airport as noise is often the number one complaint from neighbouring residents. Airport authorities have established regulations with the aim of reducing the impact caused by their operations as much as possible. They hope that these regulations will not only give them the ability to ensure that aeroplanes and pilots adhere to their regulations, but also prevent complaints.

It is often necessary to have both noise data and information about the trajectories followed by approaching or departing aeroplanes. Normally, the airport's own radar provides the required information and, once correlated with noise data, it can easily be used to determine excess noise levels for specific aeroplanes.

For this, Brüel and Kjær offers a range of Airport noise management systems which include real-time access to data and the ability to correlate noise with other parameters such as aircraft operations and to present data on public websites.


Permanent monitoring of noise, vibration and air quality in cities covers:

  • Industry
  • Construction sites
  • Major roads
  • Major railways
  • Concert, exhibition and sports arenas

It is usually used when strict limits are imposed by the authorities or to protect against law actions, complaints and compensation claims. Permanent monitoring can indicate environmental trends and help produce Environmental maps.

In addition, semi-permanent monitoring, typically ranging from a few days up to several weeks, is also used for cost-effective monitoring of environmental trends, limit compliance, public awareness, improved knowledge of dose-response relationships and calibration of noise maps.

Often, a Global Positioning System (GPS) device is used to automatically locate the measurement position. Thus, geographically referenced, measured data from mobile NMTs can be used for locally calibrating calculated maps. Local calibration involves collecting representative values for a particular period in a particular geographic area and transferring to a calculation software. Here, emission levels of user-defined sources are adjusted so that the resulting map matches the actual situation.

There are many ways to monitor noise and many customers understand noise monitoring in different ways. Brüel & Kjær offers several solutions which suit different preferences, needs and budgets.
If you want to:

  • Continuously monitor noise around a site for several years, then the optimal solution is an urban noise management system. This will give you, among other things, real-time access to data and the ability to correlate noise with other measurements and present data on public websites
  • Monitor noise for shorter time periods then the optimal solution is Noise Sentinel – On Demand.
    This offers you professional noise monitoring and management without major investment

“Noise monitoring” is understood by different people in different ways. Many people define noise monitoring to include the ability to measure noise unattended for a few days for later download and analysis. We call this unattended noise assessment. If you are interested in unattended noise assessment, then the optimal solution is a 2250 sound level meter and using the Measurement Partner post-processing software on your PC. This solution is good for detailed studies and where you do not need real-time access to data. 

We help our customers measure and manage the quality of sound and vibration in their products and in the environment

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