Brüel & Kjær force transducers (also refereed to as force sensors) are designed with integral electronics for structural dynamic testing. The transducers feature a very high resonance frequency, that allow for measurement of short duration, fast rise force transients. All DeltaTron Force Transducers feature patented technology, and are typically used for measuring force directly between an exciter and a test structure, or for conducting force measurements in process applications.


What is a Force Transducer

A force transducer is designed to measure dynamic and impact forces. The transducers are preloaded to precisely 1000 N, allowing compressive force measurements of up to 1000 N and tensile force measurements of up to 250 N. 
The transducer is mounted on the test structure so that the force to be measured is transmitted through the transducer. When used with an exciter, the transducer signal can be used to measure and control the applied force. The frequency response function of the test structure can then be measured and analysed using a stationary or hand-held dual-channel analyzer. 

The ultimate goal of using a piezoelectric force transducer is to measure the input force of an accelerometer (or laser velocity transducer), in applications where you want to measure the impulse response of a structure.