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Tescia® - Repetitive Testing System

Tescia® is a data acquisition software system for data collection, data management, and for ensuring accuracy and confidence in your results. Validate your design processes, manage your data, share insights, and safeguard valuable test specimens and operational assets – all in one repetitive testing, benchmarking tool.

*NEW* Hottinger Brüel & Kjær has launched the latest version of its Tescia software,
with enhanced features to help users achieve greater efficiency through time-saving functionality.

Tescia® 2022.0

Improve Quality and Time To Market

Tescia® is one of a kind data acquisition software for repetitive testing and real-time measurement analysis. The software features enable faster testing, improved product quality, and time to market.


Minimize test prep time

  • LAN-XI front ends reduce hardware setup time
  • Worksheet and GUI setup capabilities allow multiple domain experts to work simultaneously
  • Multi-user data viewer seats enable quicker validation and troubleshooting


Secure data capture

  • Continuous recording with parallel real-time analysis
  • Test system automation based on domain indicators
  • Secure measurement up-time


spot unexpected behavior​​

  • Safeguard the test object and the test stand
  • Visual and physical alarm outputs
  • Virtual channel monitoring


Fast, confident ​​conclusions​​

  • Justified confidence in data quality leads to unambiguous and undisputed conclusions
  • Test cell integration for optimal test facility use
  • Data viewer seats enable real-time remote access to your experts across the world, allowing immediate decisions



  • Independent multi-user data viewer seats for local or remote operators, analysts or observers
  • Uses access-right management to ensure confidentiality


Maximize test resources

  • Reduced setup time reduces overall time in the test cell
  • Test cell integration ensures optimal test facility use
  • User friendly, readily installed, efficient deployment


Job to be done

Dynamic testing of large complex machinery – such as rotating machinery and delicate structures – with signals from several hundred transducers distributed locally around the test object, demand the use of multichannel data acquisition systems.

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