TYPE 4294

Portable Vibration Calibrator

Vibration calibrator for accurate acceleration, velocity and displacement calibration of vibration instrumentation. The calibrator is portable, handheld and battery powered for everyday use in harsh environments.

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Vibration calibrator enables accurate adjustment of measuring instrumentation and transducers, such as accelerometers at a standard acceleration level of 10 ms–2 (0 – 70 g load).

The reference signal may additionally be used for velocity and displacement calibration, at 10 mms–1 and 10 µm respectively.

Using the vibration calibrator is very straightforward. Simply attach a transducer to the calibrator table using a 10–32 UNF Steel Stud (YQ-2962), and that's it.


  • Precise field calibration of vibration transducers
  • Rapid calibration and checking
  • Quick, easy field calibration of vibration measurement and recording systems


  • Small, lightweight, and battery-driven
  • Leather case for impact protection
  • Designed for everyday use in harsh environments
  • Acceleration, velocity and displacement calibration
  • High-precision, crystal-controlled servo operating at 159.15 Hz (1000 rad s–1)
  • Drop- and environment-tested according to IEC 60068
  • Splash-proof according to IP 54 (IEC 60529)

The calibrator embodies an electromagnetic exciter driven by a crystal oscillator at a frequency of 159.15 Hz (1000 rad s–1). Servo feedback via a small accelerometer on the underside of the vibration table is used to maintain a constant and accurate vibration level - independent of the mass of the transducer under test.