sound level meter Kits

Sound level meter kits and systems designed for a specific sound, noise, and vibration measurement application. The measurement kits include software and hardware for noise logging and assessments, helicopter vibration testing, and a sound intensity system for noise mapping or sound power calculations, and enable highest quality measurement results and intuitive workflows.

  • Weather station kit for sound level meters

    MM-0316-A + MM-0256-A

    Weather Station Kits

    Weather Station Kits MM-0316-A and MM-0256-A are intended for use in attended or short-term unattended, environmental noise measurement applications with a sound level meter.

  • Weather Case - Sound Level Meter Kit

    Type 3535-A

    All Weather Case

    Protect your noise measurement system from the weather and prevent unauthorised access with Weather Case Type 3535-A. The case is built to house Type 2250, 2250-Light and 2270 Sound Level Meters when doing exterior noise measurements, or in transport.

  • Sound Intensity System

    Type 2270-S

    Sound Intensity System

    Sound intensity system for noise source location, sound power calculations and noise mapping using a two-channel sound level meter. The system includes Type 2270-S, our two-channel sound level meter, and a two-channel sound intensity probe with the required software.

  • Turbomeca Engine Vibration Test Kit Type 3656-A

    Type 3656-A

    Safran Helicopter Engine Vibration Kit

    Vibration toolkit for field inspection of all helicopter engine families produced by Safran Helicopter Engines.

  • Matron 4 Type 3668

    TYPE 3668

    MATRON 4 - Noise Logging Kit

    Log indoor noise with MATRON 4 kit providing continuous noise recording and noise monitoring for up to 14 days. MATRON. This kit is ideal for measuring occupational noise, conducting noise surveys, and ensuring noise regulation compliance.