Sound Sources / Loudspeakers and Amplifiers

A sound source that fulfills the standards is required for building acoustic measurements. Brüel & Kjær offers a complete range of sound sources for building acoustics measurements, including our Tapping Machine, and our 12-speaker omnidirectional OmniPower™ Sound Source. The sound sources are ideally matched with our range of Power Amplifiers, which have been specifically designed for acoustic applications, with features such as wireless signal transmission for unhindered measurement range and flexibility.

  • Power Amplifier Type 2734

    Type 2734

    Power Amplifier for building and room acoustics

    A power amplifier designed to power sound sources in building and room acoustic field measurements.

  • measurement Amplifier Type 2735

    Type 2735

    Measurement Power Amplifier

    A compact, highperformance, 2 × 35 W power amplifier designed for electroacoustic and general-purpose applications.

  • Tapping Machine Type 3207

    Type 3207

    Tapping Machine / Impact Sound Source

    Tapping Machine Type 3207 is an impact sound generator for measuring impact sound levels. The generator uses five hammers each weighing 500 g and operating at 2 Hz dropping from a height of 40 mm, giving an operating frequency of 10 Hz. 

  • Reference Sound Source Type 4204

    Type 4204

    Reference Sound Source

    Reference Sound Source is optimized for measuring room and building acoustics. It is also useful in the field of building acoustics to determine the sound absorption and sound insulation of a room.

  • OmniPower Sound Source

    Type 4292-L

    OmniPower Sound Source

    OmniPower Sound Source Type 4292-L is a a dodecahedral, high-power, omnidirectional loudspeaker designed to measure sound insulation and perform room acoustics measurements.

  • Echo Speech Source Type 4720

    Type 4720

    Echo Speech Source

    Echo Speech Source quickly and easily performs speech intelligibility measurements in accordance with IEC 60268-16.