BK Connect - Modular Analysis Software

BK Connect® is our general‐purpose sound and vibration engineering software. Each software application can be licensed individually, providing you with a comprehensive and very flexible toolbox for single-click recording, data management, and effortless sharing and reporting of your measurements and analysis.

The core of BK Connect provides role-centric, modular applications - or 'Applets'. Consider the applets as the building blocks to establish your personalized sound and vibration analysis suite. Each application works stand-alone, and provides easy integration with other BK Connect software options. Combining the core applets and any software option, you are provided with a wide range of functionalities, tailored and optimized to your workflow.  

BK Connect - An Introduction

The new BK Connect® sound and vibration software platform is based on our experience with customers. Then and now, we see that the sound and vibration community is very diverse.

Customers work on a wide range of products using a wide range of measurement and analysis techniques, but I think what strikes me most is how differently people go about their daily tasks, from complex problem solving to repetitive testing.

The challenge of having a dynamic and flexible solution that could easily be based on the type of user, was our focus every day during the development of BK Connect. The question remains:

How could we support users in a way that would allow them to focus on their Job to Do?

Software that works like you work

BK Connect is designed around your needs and tasks, and the workflow itself. It simplifies testing and analysis procedures, enabling you to work even more efficiently and with a high degree of flexibility.

The efficient workflow comes from the ability to easily adapt the software user interface based on the specific use of the software. A unique functionality in BK Connect is the
’Done Management‘ feature that works as a user-configurable workflow wizard. Furthermore, using the Favorites concept, you can hide tasks, toolbar icons, metadata fields and even analysis parameters so that an Operator has only the minimum capability visible during a test.

This could be as little as the start and stop button without the ability to see any of the analysis parameters, while the sound and vibration Specialist, using the same software, can have access to all the necessary tools to solve a complex problem.

An integrated software solution

BK Connect is a fully integrated solution for multichannel data acquisition using our industry‐leading LAN‐XI hardware, as well as data processing, data management and reporting. The core applications of BK Connect are designed for general purpose sound and vibration engineering. Together, they provide a comprehensive set of tools for real‐time measurements and data processing with the flexibility to deal with a wide range of engineering scenarios – from repetitive, standardized testing, to complex troubleshooting investigations.

The BK Connect workflow

The core applications of BK Connect are:

Each of these applications is designed as a self‐contained solution for a typical task or set of tasks within a more complex test. Select the module or modules that will help you perform the task or combine applications to increase functionality and create super‐efficient workflows for quick and easy completion of multiple steps in a sound and vibration test process.

With BK Connect you get more from the start because it’s software that works like you work.

Customers with a valid maintenance contract will automatically get access to corresponding functionality in the new BK Connect platform.