FlightOps -Web-based Flight Activity Reporting for Airports

FlightOps is a web based service which records flight activity at your airfield; allowing you to investigate and communicate what is happening. Not only does this help in managing community issues, it also yields useful summary information for maintenance, incident analysis, training, planning and marketing.

FlightOps is designed for Mixed and General Aviation airports and allows the operations team to execute tasks efficiently; leaving them free to manage their core responsibilities around the airfield.


Why would I want to spend time responding to noise complaints?

Experience has shown that if you ignore community queries on noise you build a big problem for the future. Positive engagement such as that possible with FlightOps helps to increase community awareness and lower their propensity to complaint and opposition to airport development. FlightOps means that you can quickly identify flights that cause complaints, and provide a superior response to the community that shows you know what is happening.

FlightOps Investigate

How can it help me with my maintenance?

FlightOps takes the guess work out of when to perform routine maintenance tasks such as runway rubber removal, friction testing and even resurfacing. For the first time, the ongoing recording and summary reporting of flight activity gives you the information you need to optimise your maintenance activities.

How can it help my planning?

Many forces work to change the amount and type of flight activity. FlightOps builds an accurate picture of actual operations and presents you with the trends that will help you keep planning activities ahead of the development of airport traffic. Gradual changes in the type, size, and quantity of flights will help to support and justify planning decisions.

Breakdown by Aircraft Type

How easily can I investigate flights?

Investigation is very straightforward. Depending on security constraints, the flight track is available in FlightOps within 20 minutes of it operating at the airfield. The flight can be selected and replayed at normal speed or faster along with other operations in airspace at the time, include flights at other nearby airfields. As well as replay, the full flight track of each operation may be displayed to show traffic patterns and their interaction

How does it work?

FlightOps uses our network of Secure Radar Gateways (SRGs) to receive flight information. Where an airfield is not covered, an additional SRG may be deployed. The flight data is processed, delayed several minutes for security reasons, and then made available to the airport through a standard web browser connected to the internet, making it accessible on all airport computers with appropriate credentials.

FlightOps -Web-based Flight Activity Reporting for Airports
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