Calibración y verificación de equipos de medida

Calibration and Verification Service

Regular calibration ensures high-quality data and provides measurement documentation. Calibration and verification greatly minimize the risk of error, and costs in securing product quality, and consequently, customer satisfaction. With our extensive calibration services, Brüel & Kjær help you meet national and international regulations and legal requirements. 

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Our calibration service is governed by ISO 900, and customers are provided with a calibration certificate, which helps you meet national and international requirements.

Brüel & Kjær calibration laboratories are accredited in many regions and fulfill the requirements of ISO A2LA (and other standards). In addition, we provide primary calibration for transducers through the Danish Primary Laboratory of Acoustics (DPLA) and field calibration of LDS shakers.

Accredited Calibration

With measurement results (recommended):

  • Traceable to national institutes (DPLA, NIST, NPL, PTB)
  • Proof that calibration is in accordance with ISO quality standard
  • The certificate
    • can be used as legally accepted documentation
    • is internationally recognized (based on mutual recognition agreements)
    • includes measurement results and associated uncertainties

Traceable Calibration

With measurement results

  • Traceable to national institutes (DPLA, NIST, NPL, PTB)


Without measurement results

  • Country-specific requirements (legal verification)
  • Instrument specifications (conformance testing)

Hardware Maintenance:

  • Repair by highly skilled technicians
  • Extension of manufacturer’s warranty

To ensure maximum uptime and reduce costs, we recommended that you combine calibration with a Hardware Maintenance Agreement, to ensure that your hardware operates as expected.

Accreditation Equivalence

Brüel & Kjær operates its own calibration center network within the European co-operation for Accreditation (EA) guidelines for accreditation. Accreditation bodies that are signatories to the European Co-operation for Accreditation Multilateral Agreement (EA-MLA) have granted all our accreditation.

The equivalence means you are provided with the same high level of quality, competence, confidence, and EA approval wherever the accredited calibration is performed.

  • Calibration Cloud

    Calibration Cloud is your portal to store, view and download all instrument calibration data from a single place. Having direct access to instrument certification and documentation, allows you to work with full confidence in the accuracy measurement .

  • Calibration of Sound Level Meters

    Our accredited and traceable calibration services for hand-held sound level meters, vibration meters ensures your measurement accuracy and provides required documentation of accuracy in measurements.

  • Calibration of Microphone and Preamplifier

    Our calibration and verification services for microphones and preamplifiers includes both accredited calibration and traceable calibration.

  • Calibration of Accelerometer Sensors

    Regular accredited and traceable calibrations ensure that your accelerometer is working correctly and provides proof of measurement accuracy

  • Calibration of Analyzer Equipment

    Both accredited and traceable calibration for our PULSE analyzers are available. These keep your measurements accurate and verifiable

  • Noise Dosimeter Calibration

    Accredited calibration, traceable calibration, and instrument verification for noise dosimeters.

  • Calibration of Sound Calibrator and Pistonphone

    On a calibrator or pistonphone it’s important that you have accredited calibration and that the instrument is calibrated regularly.

  • Calibration of Reference Instrument

    Calibration of reference instruments. Choose between in-house calibration or provided external calibration services.

  • Calibration FAQ

    Calibration is a complicated issue. In our Calibration FAQ, we've provided some straightforward answers, based on the questions we receive frequently from our customers.