Contratos de soporte PULSE

Software maintenance and support contracts (M1)

Our support contracts keep your analyzer system up to date and provide access to experts who will provide technical support when you need it

As the environment is constantly changing and you have to keep pace with new business requirements, it is essential that your analyzer system is up-to-date. The Software Maintenance and Support Contract (M1) aims to help you deliver value and reach your company’s business and technical goals.

An M1 Contract gives you access to the newest version of our software and provides priority access to experts who will give you technical user support when you need it, to help you run efficient processes. 

An M1 Contract provides the following benefits:

  • Access to the newest functionality
    Our engineers constantly develop the existing functionality, add new applications and improve the user interface of the software based on customer feedback and industry needs. You get access to the newest version as it becomes available
  • Hotline support with priority
    The Brüel & Kjær technical support team is committed to help you when technical expertise is required, whether during set-up, measurement, or when analyzing your data. Our global team of skilled product specialists and application engineers backs up the support team for advanced inquiries 
  • Aligned software installations
    If you have more than one system, they may be different software versions. An M1 Contract gives you the option to update all your systems to the latest version. This ensures that you can work efficiently across systems and optimize you processes and resources 
  • Free or discounted training
    With an M1 Contract you get invited to user days where you can update your knowledge, learn new applications and network with peers. You also get a discount on certain training courses  
  • Receive attractive offers during the year
    With an M1 Contract you will occasionally receive attractive offers made especially for M1 Contract holders, providing substantial savings during the year

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