Reference instrument calibration

Reference instrument calibration

Calibration of reference instruments – if you calibrate in-house or offer calibration services. In order to obtain correct measurement results, it is important to compare the instrument with a fixed-reference instrument with long-term stability. A reference instrument will be traceable to international primary institutes.

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Company in-house calibration

If you have calibration facilities in-house, or you calibrate for other organizations, need your own reference instruments. You should send your reference microphones to Brüel & Kjær's accredited laboratory regularly – we recommend you do so once a year. You should also have at least two microphones as references so you can compare them with each other during the year.

If your requirements regarding uncertainty in reference instruments are for the highest obtainable level, we recommend that primary calibration is conducted at the Danish Primary Laboratory of Acoustics (DPLA).

Primary calibration in a primary institute – DPLA

DPLA annually performs hundreds of primary calibrations on reference microphones and accelerometers for national metrology institutes, test/calibration institutes, and organizations in the industry that require absolute high stability and reliability in sensitivity over time.

DPLA has reference transducers with unsurpassed long-term stability. This includes instruments for which data has been available for more than 35 years (for example Types 4160, 4180, 8305). We use these particular reference instruments to document no degradation over time, thus ensuring our customers have highly accurate data.