PULSE Approved for Aircraft Noise Certification

14 Jul 2009

Aircraft manufacturers have been approved to use PULSE for aircraft noise certification according to international standards.

Based on testing and extensive validation work at Brüel & Kjær headquarters, Brüel & Kjær’s noise data acquisition, analysis, recording and reproducing system has been found to comply with the technical standards of International Civil Aviation Organization Annex 16, Volume 1, Fourth Edition, Appendix 2.

PULSE is a versatile, task-oriented system that provides the platform for a range of noise and vibration measurement and analysis solutions. PULSE’s flexibility combined with industry-specific solutions, has made PULSE Brüel & Kjær’s best-selling analyzer platform. With its vast range of software applications and hardware configurations PULSE is today probably the most popular analyzer solution in the world with over 10,000 systems sold.

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