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DCNS streamlines data handling in naval defence

France’s DCNS enjoys faster access to information, shorter testing periods, and intuitive interfaces – helping make better decisions and stealthier submarines.

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French maritime defence company DCNS builds submarines; an area where acoustic stealth is imperative. They process a huge amount of sound and vibration data, and they are always under time pressure – especially during costly sea trials. PULSE, our data acquisition and analysis platform, has revolutionized the speed and ease of performing tests, helping DCNS share and compare data throughout their organization.


Huge amounts of data are collected from equipment during harbour tests and sea trials, and from laboratories. Capturing, handling, sharing, managing, and comparing large data sets from acceptance testing of new on-board equipment required a major upgrade in DCNS’s data management facilities. It was also necessary to secure the data and ensure reliable tests.


Brüel & Kjær provided state-of-the-art test database management software that was easy to set up. And some processes were automated for the benefit of less-skilled technicians. Moreover, an organization-wide data-acquisition platform was established, coupled with a programmable software interface to automate application-specific GUIs.


Measurements that once took five to six hours can now be completed in less than two hours. And the easy-to-use programmable interface eliminates the need for any special expertise in application programming. Historical data is also immediately available, which helps engineers and designers make better and faster decisions.