TÜV SÜD - Pruebas de vibraciones

Transportation vibration testing with a V9x shaker system at TÜV SÜD

TÜV SÜD wanted to expand their range of shakers so they could conduct transportation testing of heavier objects, particularly sub-assemblies for cars and trains.


TÜV SÜD is one of the world’s leading technical-service organizations with more than 20,000 employees across 800 locations. Their competence centre in Mannheim, Germany features a range of vibration test systems from various suppliers. Their old Brüel & Kjær LDS V870 shaker has been their workhorse for over 15 years. And now they need an even more robust unit to expand their range of test services.


Unplanned downtime can create many logistical problems. Keeping to the test schedule promised to customers is critical. Therefore, TÜV SÜD wanted to expand their shaker range to include a reliable unit for the transportation testing of heavier objects, particularly sub-assemblies for cars and trains. And in recent years, more and more hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) battery assemblies for hybrid cars need to be tested, which can weigh over 450 kg.


A V9x shaker was chosen based on its very high performance with respect to force, velocity and a long, 3-inch stroke. This is ideal for shock and low-frequency testing. With its head expanders and a large 1500 mm slip table, an entire pallet packed with equipment and products can be tested in one go, which is perfect for transportation testing.


The V9x has been in use, on average, for six hours a day. In the first 30 months, it clocked up more than 3000 hours of intense testing. Since the initial installation in 2006, the V9 has been modified to incorporate the latest design improvements. This ensures that the shaker will perform perfectly for many years to come.

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