Espacio - INPE

Satellite qualification testing at INPE

For Brazil’s space research organization, INPE, safe tests with first-time data capture are vital when vibration testing precious satellites.


For Brazil’s space research organization, Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais (INPE), safe tests with first-time data capture are vital when vibration testing satellites. Their vibration test system features advanced data acquisition, recording and analysis, with multiple user-interfaces for separate, specialized roles.


INPE needed a data acquisition and analysis system. This would complement their vibration test systems and enable mechanical qualification and acceptance testing of satellites. As always, test safety, measurement reliability, and efficient data processing were critical, and they also needed extensive monitoring and facilities for customers to observe tests.


The comprehensive test setup includes a powerful, water-cooled V984 shaker combined with a 324-channel data recording system, plus multiple tailored interfaces featuring workflow-driven test and analysis applications. A V964 is used for testing smaller objects and sub-components.


Today, post-processed results can be delivered to customers a mere 10 minutes after testing. This also means that multiple tests and analyses can be conducted each day, thus making more efficient use of the facility. And customized satellite mountings on the shakers ensure consistently safe, reliable, and efficient vibration testing.