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Helping Microsoft to perfect sound quality

Sound quality holds the key to Microsoft’s vision of the future, and since their engineers always want the best equipment on hand, they built a series of anechoic chambers that includes the quietest place in the world – equipped with the very best kit.

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Microsoft® has a vision to make our devices so effortless to use that they all but disappear, and natural language interfaces are a major part of making it happen. But to develop and test the necessary components and algorithms, Microsoft’s world-leading engineers need test equipment that maximizes the signal and minimizes the noise to perform the most valuable, repeatable and purest measurements possible.


To develop technological devices with class-leading sound quality and human factor design, including effective voice recognition technology


Anechoic chambers for testing precise sound levels, equipped with a range of Brüel & Kjær microphones and preamplifiers, head and torso simulators, and mouth simulators


World-leading product sound quality thanks to repeatable quantification of audio performance at a finer level of detail.