Stronger together   HBK

Stronger together

24 Mar 2020

Even in difficult times - We will measure up.

Employees video messages

Dear reader, 

The impact caused by the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) affects us all. At HBK, we are one global community, navigating our way through the evolving and unprecedented challenges of this pandemic. Our top priority now and always, is the health and safety of our employees, their families, customers, and partners. Our thoughts are with everyone affected by COVID-19. We are in this together.

At HBK, we remain your committed partner for all questions around testing, measuring, and simulation - we are available to respond to your requests and concerns.

Digital Learning Package

In that spirit, our teams at HBK, including the experts of the HBK Academy, are compiling a comprehensive digital learning package of webinars, tutorials and other forms of content for you, so that we can continue to grow and expand our knowledge and skills. Click here for the daily updated list of our digital knowledge offers!

HBK and COVID-19

For information about HBK and COVID-19, please visit our HBK website

Stay healthy and take care - we will emerge from this crisis as a stronger community.

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