BK Connect el software que trabaja como usted

In the future, we will see a substantial shift towards data-driven product development.

The speed of product development will become increasingly important and the pressure on test and analysis professionals to work smarter and more efficiently to increase productivity will intensify.

These market trends are the main reasons why we, at Brüel & Kjær, have decided to increase our software development capabilities and develop our most innovative software platform: BK ConnectTM.

With our long history in the world of sound and vibration, working in a wide variety of test markets, we know that every sound and vibration professional works differently. However, the software they use is often a one-size-fits-all solution. So, when developing BK Connect, we decided to focus on the end users, looking closely at how they work – whether in a team or individually – and their respective needs.

The vision was to create a platform that would be configurable, intuitive, integrated, reliable and open. We wanted to provide a user-centric concept that would incorporate not only a streamlined and optimized workflow, but also include the unique roles that different users play in that flow.

I am convinced that we have succeeded and that BK Connect will help you achieve smarter results for maximum impact on your business’ success.

BK Connect quote Søren Holst