CAE Auditioner


Brüel & Kjær NVH Simulation technology is now part of


The CAE Auditioner software converts data and files from common CAE design programs for use in the VI-grade vehicle NVH simulators and Insight simulation products. Once the CAE design data is incorporated into these simulation products, engineers, CAE analysts and non-experts can listen to and feel the NVH consequences of CAE design decisions in the full context of the vehicle.

With this software, you can quickly incorporate the effects of design changes and alterations, to evaluate the latest alternatives back-to-back.


  • Auralizing and experiencing the consequences of proposed engineering changes in the correct context
  • Evaluating and ranking design alternatives
  • Helping NVH test and CAE engineers to share and develop ideas
  • Setting clear, cascaded NVH targets by understanding contributions early in the design process

This software also makes it possible to make NVH models of vehicles that contain a mixture of real-world, measured data and data from CAE design simulations. Users can evaluate the effect on a vehicle’s real, measured NVH from a component that exists only in a CAE program.

In even more detail, engineers can mix in individual source strengths and transfer functions, such as from a single engine mount. While playing these models in our simulation products, engineers can interact with them, switching contributions on and off, and applying filters.


In situations where CAE models are unable to predict the absolute sound energy levels resulting from a design change, this software can instead quantify the changes in the response between two CAE-based models.

Using this data, it calculates a set of change filters and applies them to an NVH simulation model. The whole process occurs in just seconds, even with large CAE models, making this software an effective tool in the iterative design process.

Every new design alteration can be quickly incorporated into the NVH Simulator, where the consequences of proposed design changes can be driven and evaluated by anyone. Alternatively, it can be incorporated into our Insight software for simpler aural replays.


  • Efficient use of test and CAE data together: test-CAE integration
  • Quick conversion of standard CAE response data into ready-to-run NVH simulator models
  • Incorporates data from all common CAE codes including MSC Nastran™, Adams®, Actran™ and Altair HyperWorks®
  • Hybrid modelling of measured test data and CAE predictions to avoid the shortcomings of CAE predictions


  • For complete integration with CAE analysis, this software can be embedded into CAE programs such as Altair’s Insight+